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Hello again! Did you miss me!? I had to take a week off, but I’m BACK!

Last episode posed the age old question, how do three people standing on a balloon fight a flock of pterodactyls?

This weeks shout out goes to Grimerican and psychotherapist John Norris, whose very business is unraveling the conundrum of the human mind. Look out for Jungian and Freudian symbolism, as this weeks 15 Easter Eggs, (yeah I’m making up for that last week) are largely devoted to the work of these two explorers of the subconscious realm. Continue reading

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Sooo, pterodactyls injuries aren’t that big of a deal right?

This week’s installment brings you seven spicy Easter Eggs, including 3 shout outs that steadfast Grimerican and international man of mystery Todd Marco, who all the kids are talking about. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a guest appearance by a preternaturally shapely calf. Continue reading

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In our last episode, death by deflated balloon was narrowly avoid, only for another threat to rear its fearsome head. What could it be!?!

7 Easter Eggs in this one, which is rife with Illuminati symbolism, and 2 shout-outs to Grimerican Nickie Benefield, the 57 year old, oxygen loving scamp from Kentucky, who has won all of our hearts!


The owls are not what they seem!

Nickie takes to the skies!

Black and white checkerboard, Illuminati symbolism, the contest of dark vs light!

All seeing eye.


Mothman, he’s always lurking!

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Last week I forcefully directed The Robert! to abandon our faltering balloon by means of a swift kick to the chest. I’m not really the type to take control in these situations, so its very likely I just made things infinitely worse!

7 Easter eggs in this one, with 3 shout outs to Grimerican, Cyrus Salsbury, the white haired wonder of UPS, delivering splendor to your very doorstep. Cyrus has been integral in the inspiration of a side project I’m working on, and despite his busy schedule, I hope he’ll see these shout outs and accept a very hearty thank you!

A UPS balloon, shout out to Cyrus!


Lunar lander, another shoutout to Cyrus, who will set you straight on the moon landing!

Cyrus in the sky!


Graham Dunlop in flight, afternoon delight!


May the rugged beauty of Red Pill Junkie, loom ominously above you, always!


Pants moai!

Sleeve moai.


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Last time we left our heroes, and I use he term loosely, they were slowly deflating towards their demise! Could hope loom just beyond the horizon?! Probably not… but you should go ahead and read this issue anyway.

If not because of my loving and painstaking work then do it for the 7 Easter Eggs hidden in this issue, including 3 hearty shout-outs to Adam Loyal, the ferocious voice behind  The Friends To Know Podcast  which you really should be listening to, and if you’re not… well, I’m not mad so much as disappointed.You simply must! Its all the fun of eavesdropping on a really juicy conversation without being an actual creep! I’m even on a few episodes, where I talk about all the wacky stuff that happens to me when I’m not lucid dreaming!

And now, on to the show.


Adam Loyal, of Friends To Know

The rare Rainbow T-Rex of Friends To Know fame.

Moai tat on a cloud mummy!

Patty the Squatch is flying high!

Mothman is just taking in the show, he even brought popcorn.

An adorable peeking alien!


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Last week, I used my trusty knife to cut The Robert! free from his floating bondage, trusting that the balloons passing beneath would catch us. Unfortunately, I neglected to consider one very important thing when I concocted this plan, that being I’M AN IDIOT!!

The cover of this episode is a shout out to Grimerican Kevin Stephens, that I couldn’t quite get to work in the panels. I was worried that adding another distinguished bald headed character would just be confused for the comic’s resident cue ball, The Robert! -That’s not to say all bald guys look alike-that would be insensitive!

7 Easter Eggs in this one, with 3 shout-outs to Kevin, who I should mention is part of the U.K Posse! The eggs are super tiny this week, so keep that in mind while hunting.


Shout out to Kevin and the UK Posse

Kevin, as in Stephens

My signature, weeeee!

Don’t you hate it when you get moais stuck in your hair?

UFO tilted sideways

Alien in the shadows

The word Stephens, as in Kevin, hidden in a goatee.


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A little late this week. I’ve been busy, and I’m very grateful! I love having new projects to tackle, and hope to share more about my latest endeavors with all of you soon!

To recap, Last issue I was bouncing between saving The Robert, and killing him myself (I mean, he moved in on my ex… there’s an unspoken rule about that, am I right? Though, this is my dream, so its kind of my fault I guess. It probably represents some kind of insecurity/ mistrust/ competition for dominance issues running rampant in my head… I dunno. Leave an in depth analysis in the comments below!)

Anyway, I decided that since I had come all this way, I might as well save the jerkwad…

7 Easter Eggs in this one, each more fiendishly hidden than the last… so fiendish I forgot to do a shout out….sorry about that!

P.S. If you know the historical significance of the insignia on my knife, leave a comment saying so. The first to get it right will get a surprise!

Lil’ baby moai!!!

Alien lurking

Grimes, spelled in blood


Another moai!


More moai action!

My signature!!!!!!!!


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Line breaks: ker|fuf¦fle Pronunciation: /kəˈfʌf(ə)l

Noun [in singular] British • informal

A commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.


So you’re in a tough spot in your life and you don’t know what to do. You work at a job that you hate and although you would love to tell your boss where he/she can respectively shove it, the bills are stacking up and it doesn’t look like there are any jobs available that you would be able to do. As your sit on your futon in the late afternoon eating a spicy chicken Cup Noodles in your living room contemplating your plight in life, out of nowhere comes an aggressive, rapid knocking on your front door. Confused, you stare at the front entrance to your little domicile debating on how you should proceed. Before you can come to a decision, a voice that sounds oddly familiar comes blasting from the other side.

“Put down the Cup Noodles, get off of the futon and answer the door!”



Next blog post: How Nissin and Cup Noodles is ripping off the everyday consumer.



Well this just got weird. You feel a tinge of apprehension flow down your spine. And although you do decide to put down your Cup Noodles, you also decide to remain silent in hopes of your late afternoon visitor departing. Thirty seconds pass and the aggressive knocking begins again followed by your name being shouted and telling you that you have to hurry. You gather your courage, approach your front door and peer through the peep hole. What you see makes you gasp in disbelief and momentarily question your sanity. What you see is, if you haven’t already guessed, is what appears to be… you. Only a slightly older version of you. The older version of you bangs on your door again, shouts your name and says, “I know your standing at the door! We don’t have time for this! We have to go now! There’s no time to explain!” This puts you in a predicament because either:

A: You’ve just encountered yourself from the future who risked the space-time continuum and existence as we know it to warn you of some impending danger.

B: Your doppelgänger has formulated a brilliant rouse in order to draw you out of your house, murder you and then proceed to commandeer your life leaving your family and loved ones none the wiser.


C: A group of shape shifting, nymphomaniac extraterrestrials have traveled millions of light years so that they could trick you out of your house and into their spacecraft where numerous sex-capades will then ensue.




As tempting as option C is, given your current situation, you’re not that lucky. If it was your doppelgänger, according to folklore, you’re going to die anyway. That leaves option A. But how can you be sure? Well if you’re like me, you have selected a safe word for just such an occasion. Ha ha, yes, I know. What are the chances that I’m ever going to need it, right? Well, if you had a safe word, you wouldn’t be so weary as to the double standing on the opposite side of your front door right now would you. What’s that? That was just a fictional situation that I had placed you in as an example of the importance of a safe word to be used by a future you in case of an emergency. Touché vigilant reader, touché.


An appropriate visual approximation of your mental prowess.



That doesn’t negate the importance of selecting a safe word for just such a situation. It’s quick, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s practical. Laugh all you want but given the rate of technological advances that mankind is making, I don’t think it’s that farfetched to say that one day, man will master time. Whether or not that day will be in your or my lifetime is yet to be determined but science is definitely headed in the right direction. You may have heard recently that physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology reported that they were able to reliably teleport information between two quantum bits separated by three meters, or about 10 feet. And although this breakthrough isn’t quite to the level of Star Trek and other science fiction, it is still a breakthrough. How much longer will we have to wait for that teleportation of our imaginations or the ability to travel to the time of Stonehenge and see exactly who the hell built it and how? How long before we have reached what is known as the singularity of Mankind? With the pace we’re at, who knows? You might be having sweet cyber slumber before you know it.



As long as the Aves don’t beat us to it.


I’m not here to argue all of the paradoxes and mind F’s that come along with time travel; that’ll be a different post. Instead, let this serve as a thought experiment. If you were to come across your future self who warned of a pressing matter that required your assistance, what would you do? Could you trust him? You could if you had a safe word. If you haven’t guessed mine yet, then you haven’t been paying attention. I’m sure one of you will guess it and I’ll have to think of another one which isn’t a problem. Like I said, it’s quick, it’s easy and of course, it’s practical. So paradoxes aside, let’s say you could travel to any time forward or backward, where would you go? I often find myself debating this. For a long time, it was to be in the cockpit with Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. It was one of the first mysteries that caught my young mind’s imagination. But with the increase of my nerd-like knowledge of all things mysterious and Fortean, I go back and forth between the great mysteries of our time. The pyramids of Giza, the Patterson Gimlin Film, Dyatlov Pass, Rendlesham Forest, the Resurrection, the Nazca Lines; my mind goes on and on. So I’m curious where you would go? If you stumbled on a time machine and you only had enough power to go one place and back, when and where would that be? Well that’s it for me my friends. Stay classy Grahamerica… errr.. Grimerica.

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The 30-day test showed that children of ganja-using mothers were superior to children of non-ganja mothers in two ways: the children had better organization and modulation of sleeping and waking, and they were less prone to stress-related anxiety. (Melanie Dreher’s studies were funded by Patients Out of Time.)

The editors of Patients for Medical Cannabis were in attendance at the final hearing of the Iowa Pharmacy Board’s review of medical marijuana, where Dr. Melanie Dreher presented the results of her studies with “ganja babies” over the phone. (You can read her testimony on the second page here.) She has been studying the medical uses of ganja, as it’s called in Jamaica, for 30 years.

A quotation from Dreher’s testimony – “You know, people ask me all the time whether I think marijuana should be legalized, and I have been of the opinion for a long time that this is much ado about nothing. It is, compared to tobacco and alcohol, this is such a benign substance.

further reading…

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