The Happiest Place on Earth- for the living and the dead

When a loved one passes the pain and sorrow that it causes is immeasurable; especially when that love one is a child.  Often, we have loved ones cremated and spread their ashes among an area where our dearly departed cherished.  But what happens when that area doesn’t allow you to do such a thing?  Well, as one woman reportedly did (as reported by CNN as well), you dump the ashes anyway.  The location of this was none other than the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World (WDW).  As the story goes this woman lost a 7 year old son whose favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion at WDW.  She approached Disney and asked if she would be allowed to scatter the remains there, to which Disney replied negatively citing that it is against the law to do so. (Disney actually gets these requests about twice a year and there is an untold number that may spread the remains without ever asking, though Disney officially says there is no definitive proof anyone has done this.)   Not feeling satisfied with WDW’s decision, the woman spread her sons ashes along the ride regardless and since then there have been a number of rather chilling reports surrounding the ride.


This photo was taken by a woman with a night vision lens as she was documenting the ride for a WDW virtual visit.  She did not notice this photograph until later that night when she was looking through the pictures.  She was rightfully startled when she noticed this and reports that there was no person of this age within 20 feet of her while in line.  Clearly this child is seen only a few cars in front of her and would have been easily seen while standing in line.  Perhaps more oddly though is why the child seems to be looking right at her when this particular part of the ride is shrouded in darkness and the camera used no flash (remember this was taken with a night vision lens).  Separate from this account many have reported seeing a child running around in the ballroom section of the ride, some have claimed to see a crying child at the exit of the ride who seems to ignore the inquiring guest when they ask to help, and one ride attendant even claimed to hear a child’s laughter coming from the interior of the ride, followed shortly by glimpses of something from the corner of her eye, and the feeling of a hand on her shoulder.    Perhaps it’s appropriate that the Haunted Mansion may actually be haunted.

This is just a single report of spooky happenings in the worlds happiest place.  The truth is however that there are more reports throughout the park from everyday people who claim to have seen apparitions.  One woman claims to have seen two cowboys vanish before her eyes by the Golden Horseshoe, another worker claims to have caught an apparition on video which can be seen here:

There are also numerous other reports from apparitions being seen on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride cameras but not by the naked eye, the exclusive Club 33, and Tom Sawyers Island where there are reports of children running around the island when the park is closed.  When employees go to escort them off premises they are nowhere to be found.  These are only a small number of places that have reported paranormal activity.


This story can’t be complete without at least mentioning the stories of Walt Disney himself still haunting the location, most notably his old apartment above the fire station.  Imagine the shock of one WDW employee as she was dusting the old apartment and the lights that she continued to turn off would repeatedly turn back on.  On her final trip up to turn the lights off she claims the voice of Disney himself was heard saying “Don’t forget, I am still here.”  To this day the lights are left on in his apartment.


Though WDW refuses to admit that the remains of loved ones are spread throughout the park, there are many eye witness accounts and visual evidence that says there may be something going on down there.  In a place where some of the happiest memories in a person’s lifetime are had, isn’t it safe to say the park would hold a lot of spiritual energy that could be manifested throughout the area.  The memories that are made at WDW everyday are burned into the minds of those that have experienced them.  It is just as likely that the energy of those that have experienced WDW are burned into the park as well.  Apparitions and residual energy from people all over time and Earth collide in one location for all eternity.  It really is “A small world after all”


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  1. Fortean Mind says:

    I listened to a two part podcast not too long ago on the building of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, in which they mentioned the rumors people spreading the ashes of loved ones and although they didn’t mention any specific event, they did say that most employees of WDW say that if that happens, they come and clean it up. In a later podcast of the same show, a listener wrote in with a story of their friends spreading the ashes of a loved one in the waters of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Employees saw them doing this and the ride was shut down and the waters had to be drained and a Haz-Mat team had to come in to deep clean. They people who were spreading the ashes were taken to holding and were threatened with charges as what they were doing was illegal. Their season passes were revoked without refund and they were not allowed to come back. Regardless, with such a place as WDW, it’s easy to imagine that some spirits might want to stick around.

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