The Man Who Sold The World

Believe it or not, as with most things controversial, this is still a touchy topic in some circles. Being from Washington State, the closely approaching twentieth anniversary of the death of one of grunge’s most prolific icons has stirred up some whispers in some of those circles that I myself am a part of. Now these whispers have always been there and in all fairness, they’re not all whispers. Some have been shouted loud and clear but I guess it all comes down to who’s listening. I of course am talking about the untimely demise of the late, great Kurt Cobain. And before we go any further, yes. I know ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ is a David Bowie song. I just found the title fitting.


Insert Joke Here…

Unlike most conspiracies that have yet to be proven, this one really only has the one theory. Kurt Cobain didn’t take his own life in the apartment above his garage of his Seattle home on April 5th, 1994, but rather he was murdered. The theory states that his wife, Courtney Love, hired a hit man while she was in another state to do the “job” giving her an allay, this is the main alternative to the official cause of death reported on Cobain’s death certificate which is suicide. This theory is widely accepted as being started by a man named Tom Grant. Grant was hired by Love as a private investigator to find her husband after he had left rehab. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start a little further back in time.


We’re not gonna have enough road to make it to 88 miles an hour.

               In what has become popularly referred to as “the Rome Incident’, Kurt Cobain was visiting his family who was in Rome at the time the month before his death. As the story goes, during an interview that Cortney Love gave to Select Magazine, Love pulled out a bottle of Rohypnol and after taking several of the pills, placed them on the table. The label on the bottle named her as the one the drugs were prescribed to. Hours later, Love telephoned the front desk of the hotel they were staying at asking for an ambulance claiming that Cobain was unresponsive. She claims that after she woke up, she found Kurt stooped over a table, bleeding from his nose, later note the table in front of him and a wad of cash in his hand. Despite the advice of the doctors, Love had Cobain transferred to an American hospital. Love told Rolling Stone,

    He took 50 pills. He probably forgot how many he took. But there was a definite suicidal urge, to be gobbling and gobbling and gobbling.

            A statement that was later refuted by Dr. Osvaldo Galletta, who treated Cobain after the incident. In fact, at the time of the incident, Cobain, Love and Galletta all stated that the overdose was accidental. Galletta also denied Love’s claim that 50 pills were pumped from Cobain’s stomach and that his stomach wasn’t pumped at all and that there was no way in knowing how many pills Cobain had taken. It is also important to note that Galletta stated,

    We can usually tell a suicide attempt,” adding: “He did not seem like a young man who wanted to end it all.

            A few things about ‘The Rome Incident’ that should be pointed out: There was never an explanation given for Kurt’s bloody nose. There was no way of Love knowing how many pills Cobain ingested unless she witnessed or administer the pills being taken; but by the same token, we have no way of knowing how many pills had been taken and we also have no way of knowing if Love’s statement was that of a worried, panicked spouse or that of a person who preemptively gave a statement expecting an outcome of which they had insider knowledge of. It is true that it was Love who alerted emergency responders, but it has been asserted that she waited anywhere between thirty minutes up to an hour before doing so, although I couldn’t find any supporting evidence of the claim. Dr. Osvaldo Galletta also hinted toward Love’s “timely intervention”. Some people have drawn a connection with the fact that Kurt was holding a wad of cash in his hand and that money was found along with his body. As for the note that was found with him, Love supposedly tried to give it to Seattle Police after Kurt’s death for comparison with the suicide note found with Kurt’s body and claims she was told by Sgt. Cameron, lead detective of Cobain’s death, that the note would only cause here trouble and that she should get rid of it. She admits that in it, it mentioned Kurt wanting to leave here. She also admits to burning the Rome note. Okay, let’s jump back ahead in time.


Great Scott! He used the same joke twice!

            In the interest of keeping your attention, without leaving out too much detail, allow me to present the scene. On April 1st, 1994, Kurt Cobain jumped a wall of a rehab center in Marina Del Rey, California. On April 3rd of that year, Courtney Love hired private investigator, Tom Grant, to find her husband. Love stated that she didn’t know where he was and asked Grant to stake out a few places she thought he might go including known drug dealers. She seemed be trying to avoid him checking their Lake Washington home until later. On the eighth of April, electrician Gary Smith, found Cobain’s body in the apartment above the garage of the Lake Washington home. Smith was there to install security lights on the request of Love. Found on the scene was a cigar box containing heroin paraphernalia, a suicide note written on the back of an IHOP placemat stabbed through the soil of an overturned house plant with a pen, some personal effects including his wallet, sunglasses, cigarettes, and cash. Also at the scene was found the body of Kurt Cobain with a shotgun wound to his head and the shotgun on his chest, his left hand still clutching it.

The Suspicions

            There are a few things that have risen suspicions with Cobain’s death. Fingerprints on the shotgun were not taken until May 9th of that year. They yielded no fingerprints with the exception of four that were deemed ineligible. The officers had to pry the shotgun out of Cobain’s hands and this could have led to smudging of the fingerprints but to find zero others is odd. The coroner’s report stated that Cobain had three times the lethal dose of heroin in his body at the time of his death which has led to people stating that Cobain wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger let alone put the drugs away, roll his sleeve back down and then pull the trigger. Others have argued that it would all depend on his tolerance level which, given his past with drug abuse, was higher than normal. Then we have Love hiring Tom Grant, which according to Grant, was Love’s way of “covering her bases” by which he meant, she did it to give the appearance of the worried wife. She hired him to find her husband which she claimed not to know the whereabouts of. This is refuted by a statement given by their male nanny Cali, who told Love before Cobain’s death that he ran into Cobain at the Lake Washington house and had a conversation. Her not knowing the whereabouts of her husband is also called into question after the phone records and messages of the hotel Love was staying at the time was reviewed and it was found that Cobain had left a message for Love that included a number as to where he can be reached. Finally, if it was not for Love’s request for installation of security lights at the Lake Washington home, who knows how long it would have been for Cobain’s body to have been found. It has been asserted that Love wanted Cobain’s body to be found so that the first album from her band Hole that was set to release a week later, would rocket in sales.

            So what motive would Love have for Cobain’s death? It is said that Cobain had contacted Rosemary Carroll who was Cobain’s attorney to take Love out of his will. He died before this could happen. If Cobain had divorced Love, she would have gotten at best only half of Cobain’s money. With his death, she got all of it and now has rights to the songs as well.

            I have to admit, looking into this has gotten me a little depressed and I will end this post on this; if you want to look into this more, there are many sites on the web and plenty of videos on Youtube to watch. A supposed proposition from Love to a man to kill Cobain for $50,000 who died shortly after an interview where he stated this. There is also a documentary call Kurt and Courtney that is available on Netflix instant. Regardless of what happened, Kurt Cobain was for a brief time, the voice of a generation. We should treat him as such.

Stay classy Grimerica-

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  1. @Gitmoyoho says:

    A voice of a generation, indeed. Just look at how lost that generation remains, and how hopeless we are to endure it.

    Cobain and Nirvana will be remembered 100 years from now; I just wonder if it will be with reverence — or morbid curiosity.

  2. PurrlGurrl says:

    Jeeze. Let the guy rest in peace. Cobain checked himself out. There’s nothing more to it. Only fanboys who can’t let go because it’s difficult to deal with middle age and inevitable mortality are still clinging to this bit of the past and spinning out conspiracies. About the only thing to be gleaned from Cobain’s death is that suicide is a learned behavior that runs in families and that it really, really sucks for everybody the suicide leaves behind.

  3. Fortean Mind says:

    @PurrlGurrl: I must say that I agree that it was most likely a suicide or that he was at least suicidal. With that said, I must also say that I don’t consider myself a fanboy by any means but who knows… Maybe that’s what a fanboy would say. Also, given some of the facts that don’t add up, e.g.: there being no fingerprints on the shotgun, Love admitting to burn the “Rome Note” as well as other details that I didn’t go into, I can’t just “let it go”. Wondering minds will wonder and that’s just the way it is. I tried to present a skeptical side to all of the conspiratorial arguments and tried to be as unbiased as possible. But like I said in the first sentence of this post, this is still a touchy subject to some people.

  4. Gman8585 says:

    Kurt’s passing was a bit suspicious when you look at Courtney loves behavior and the hiring of a private detective while she’s in a hotel banging the singer of the smashing pumpkins.

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