The preternatural charm of legendary tales….

Ever wonder what type of energetic spirit light production goes into the formation of a living beings spirit-consciousness? How much positive and how much negative? Most definitely a good amount of intense, passion, and energy is required when the spirit-consciousness of creation is innately rotated into existence. The sounds made would be extraordinary too wouldn’t they; waa hii hii, waa hii hii, waa hii hii; words spoken in a certain tone during certain ceremonies that remind me of vortexes and rotations. When sung consecutively you get that weird sensational feeling; wonder what would happen at A-432 or the “right” frequency. What if something happens during the formation or development of a spirit-consciousness? Why would something try and tamper with the development of a spirit? These silly thoughts have been running through my head as of late and they have brought me to the edge of thoughts and imagination, thanks to the world I grew up in; legend upon legend of why things are the way they are.There is most certainly is some sort of continual struggle between good and evil, dark and light, gravity and antigravity, matter and antimatter, animate and inanimate.

Charm Scattering

Believe it or not, but this all started from the most peculiar finding of a four leaf clover and it’s most obvious “tagging” of photon scattering of some sort. I don’t know, I could be way out in the universe somewhere with these thoughts and I am no Physicist, but that is what the image on the leafs reminded me of, photon-photon scattering and tagging. Tagging occurs when there is fluctuation or tampering with the “force field” (Higgs Boson) of essence that surrounds or binds the elementary particles that are in the process of creating something magnificent and spectacular like a four leaf clover, a frog, a rock, you or the universe itself. So simple and delicate the process of creation and consciousness is that we struggle with the depths of trying to understand it. This fluctuation is noted as a good reaction by Physicists, because it is in essence what is needed to start the creation process, maybe, but what about the bad there is good in bad in everything, all it takes is one small change to create a different spirit-consciousness. These quantum fluctuations/changes are believed to be important in the formation of the universe as they are the direct reason for expansion/inflation or maybe the creation of the universe itself. Wow! How many cultures have legends of a creator sending out a thought that expanded and created the universe. Thoughts take you where you never expected they would much like our creators thoughts, “in his image(imagination).” Such simple yet exotic and colorful imaginations we all have.

But I need to slow down and get back to the four leaf clover and it’s tagging. The tagging got me to wondering what happened why scared or tagged? Was it sick? Did something try and hurt it or posses it? Maybe something was trying to steal it’s life. Aaah yes, I wondered did it have to do with the several nights of heat lightning and thunderstorms. We have been seeing more of these this summer, more than we have in the past few years. A bit odd. We also had our lights out for several hours due to Lightning striking close to our home a few nights prior to the discovery of the Clover. This brought me back to the legends I grew up hearing. The ones about the Binesiiwag (Bi-nay-see-wug) and why they come and why they are so dangerous and yet revered, sacred, and precious. Was this clover under some sort of attack; why the Binesiiwag had to strike near our home? An open door is an open door no matter the size as my grandfather used to say. A four leaf clover what does its essence represent; good, purity, love, luck, a rare spirit-consciousness. Was darkness trying to stop or steal it’s cultivation or did the Clover protect us from bad luck, hatred, impurity etc. According to legend it isn’t a far fetched idea.

Devils Tower

Long ago back to a time that is now locked in the mists of legends. Chi-manidoo sent out his most loyal watchmen, the Binesiiwag (thunderbird beings), to search for a new home for his most delicate of creations, Everlasting Man. The Braves of the these ancient beings were fiercely loyal and dominant and much like all ancient beings do, they also were able to wield the four sacred spirits; fire(light/white), Water(liquid/blue), Earth(minerals/red), and Air(gas/yellow). They searched many lengths of time and found a few suitable homes; so it was then the Binesiiwag had found our new home, Akii (The dynamo/essence/ all that is Mother Earth). However Akii (A-kee) was still so young when the Binesiiwag found her and with their fourth sight the Binesiiwag found many terrible dark spirit beings devouring her essence. The darkest; none like they had ever seen. An other world they came from for they did not have life, but stoled life to live. A great war broke out and many Binesiiwag were devoured by the dark spirits; the bad spirits were so prevailing, they devoured all life forms leaving nothing but darkness. Some were like giants, some were like snakes, others were like us. It wasn’t until Chi-maanidoo gave the Binesiiwag lighting that they were able to put the dark spirits to sleep. Chi- manidoo then ask the Binesiiwag to watch over Akii to keep the dark spirits from waking. After all was quiet Akii began to weep; her body was so scared from the battle so Chi-manidoo filled her deep scars with the tears from the Binesiiwags thoughts of their lost loved ones and others he surrounded with vast forests, and those he could not hide he painted with the wind from the Binesiiwags feathers. One he did not hide but left towering above a large valley for it was a Binesii who had given his life to close the spirit path the dark spirits had opened and over time the grandfathers, spirit rocks who joined with Akii many ages ago, turned him to stone. So it is believed that every time lightning strikes evil or bad spirits are sent back to sleep and the lighting keeps them from crawling out. It is also said to be careful where you go or what you do there were many pathways opened and darkness only sleeps.

Combinnation Symbols

Throughout the world we live in there are many cultural ceremonies, legends, lore, and symbols that remind me of this great battle and the fight for life-consciousness. The one many are probably most familiar with is that of the Titans and the Olympians, Kronos, the devourer, imprisoned for all time with Zeus and his lightning bolts keeping watch. The Rig Veda’s also mention Indra the god of lightning; his legend I find most peculiar and his Vajra a divine instrument that produces lightning and is used to kill sinners and was used to slay an evil being who took serpent form. How could I ever overlook the legends of the Might Thor or should we call him Donar, wielder of Mjolnir, protector of mankind. Lei Gong and his wife Dian Mu of Chinese myth and legend are gods of thunder and lightning who punish evil spirits for using their knowledge to harm human beings. The Aztec World Tree I find very fascinating as well with it’s birds “shooting” at a being surrounded by some force field, looks very much like Feynman’s diagram and also possibly includes the legend of Akii and the Thunderbird Beings of course that is purely my own imaginative interpretation of it. Then there is the legends of battles in the Celtic Mythological Cycle between the Tuatha De Danann, the Firblogs, and Fomorians as told by Druid Bards for generations and passed down in oral tradition, much like the legends I grew up hearing from my family. The Tuatha De Danann, supernatural beings of light with eyes that glowed blue and hair as bright as the sun possessing four sacred treasures one being a sword that glowed bright and shot lightning bolts. The Fomorians the supernatural shapeless undead beings from an other world who pillaged and plundered all that existed. The battles ended when the Dagda put them to sleep after the Fomorians stole his harp. It is also interesting to note that Fomorian in the ancient language means chaos.

Someday I believe we will understand or remember all that we have lost as it is plain to see the ancient ones possessed knowledge and wisdom most of us only dream about as we struggle to try and decipher their legacies, but that will not happen until all forms of study, research, and knowledge are combined and studied together. I think we have become too specialized in certain fields of study and focus our attentions on one single subject, when in fact the universe lives and breaths all aspects of time, space and dimensions. It is the past, present, and future all at once, all in one thought of one or maybe several beings.

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  1. Graham says:


    Nice post. Very thought provoking….. I have never really thought of creation – of the big or small – in that way. Thank you.


    1. Sheila says:

      Thanks Graham you are so nice 🙂 I was in deep thought for several weeks over that clover. Had to cut back on the rambling I think I went off on too many tangents.

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