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Hello Grimericans! Yes, it is the one and only Fortean Mind here to grace you with a post (about time, right?). I have once again set out to try and provide you with one post a week for the great month of October… Ahhh… October. One of my top twelve favorite months. Don’t do the math on that. I hope that I can find the time between work and several podcast ventures that I have been working on, to make this goal of one post a week happen…



That top part was as far as I got last week. I guess life doesn’t really care about the goals I set. I think that if I’m able to write two today, it still counts. It’s almost 10am here in the great Pacific Northwest. We’ll see how this goes. Today’s topic of discussion will be communication from the dead. I recently talked with a good friend of mine and of Grimerica, Napoleon Doom. Nap shared an experience in ghost hunting and the use of a ghost box, also known as a Frank’s box. For those of you that don’t know, a ghost box is generally an AM/FM radio with a scanning function modified so that the scanning function doesn’t stop, this supposedly allows spirts to manipulate what words come through to answer questions and send messages. Now the legitimacy of this device is not the focus of this post. With that said, I will add that Nap had frustration with the experience had with the ghost box. Something of this nature, hearing bits of words or phrases through white noise via a jumble of radio frequencies, is based very much on interpretation and personal bias. If a spirit really wanted to use an electronic device to reach out from the other side, then a Frank’s box probably wouldn’t be its first choice. This is of course all speculation on my part as nothing is known for sure what happens to the human conciseness when we die. Maybe picking words that are readily available, bouncing through radio waves is far easier for some spirts to use than let’s say, giving a person a call. But for other spirits, this is exactly what is reported they are able to do.


“Remember, 30 minutes or less or it’s free!”


There are many reported cases of people who have passed, reaching out to a loved one from the other side. A number of those, the person receiving the call, was not aware of the caller’s demise. As with most reports of this kind, this is always anecdotal and there is no way to verify that a call was ever received, but anecdotal data is always worth something. With that in mind, here are some anecdotal stories to wet your Halloween whistle.


Well this is an unfortunate design… 


This is a report of a phantom phone call that gets repeated often and I might as well share it here as well. In 1969, an 18 year old Karl Uphoff, a New Jersey rock musician, received a call from his late grandmother who had passed a couple days prior. Karl felt that there was always a close bond between him and his grandmother and she would frequently call his friends asking for Karl. The grandmother was deaf and knowing that she wouldn’t be able to hear a response on the whereabouts of her grandson, she would quickly follow up her inquiry with, “Tell him to come home at once.” On the evening of Karl’s phantom call from his grandmother, he was visiting a friend in Montclair, New Jersey and was in the basement his friend’s apartment when his friend’s mother came to inform him he was wanted to the phone. Upon answering the call, Karl quickly realized that it was the voice of his late grandmother on the other end. Before he could ask any relevant questions, the other end hung up. More calls from Karl’s grandmother would follow and anytime Karl would try to ask how she was able to communicate or what the “otherside” was like, the line would go dead (pardon the pun). The calls eventually stopped and Karl was left feeling that there was more than just this life.


Perhaps one of the most famous people to have reported receiving a phone call from the other side is the author Deane Koontz. Koontz reported that the unlisted phone in his office rang one day and upon answering it, he could hear the urgent sounding voice of a woman who sounded distant and “far away”. The voice on the other end gave the cryptic and simple message of, “Please be careful.” Koontz asked who was calling but his inquires went ignored and instead was answered with the same chilling message three more times as the voice began to fade. He later claimed that the voice sounded exactly like that of his late mother who had passed some twenty years prior. He later stated, “It was a strange call.” A couple days later, Koontz went to visit his father who was being treated in a mental health facility. The author claims that after entering the room in which his father was in, his father lashed out at him with a small knife. Koontz was able to wrestle the knife away and exited the room where he was met by security guards with guns drawn. After dropping the knife and explaining what had happened, Koontz got things sorted out. He would later wondering if the phantom call he received was from his mother warning him about his visit with his father.


One case that is well known is that of George Meek. This case is unique in that Meek was a paranormal investigator and the phantom caller was of his late partner, Konstantin Raudive. Meek and Raudive focused on communications with the dead through EVP’s and claimed to make huge headway in the field with some amazing example of such. Raudive seemed to have wanted to continue research with his partner and apparently reached out to him some 20 years after his passing. Meek claimed to have begun getting communications from his late research partner via phone calls, email and even fax. Being a paranormal investigator, Meek had the foresight to document and record these communications which can be found here if you are so inclined. George himself passed in the winter of 1999 and you guessed it, people claim to have communication from him as well.


I will leave you with one more, well circulated story of phone calls from the other side. In September of 2008, there was a very tragic accident involving a Metrolink train and a freight train near Chatsworth, California. I will spare the details as it really wasn’t that long ago and some people might even remember it happening35. It was a very tragic accident that left 25 dead and 135 injured. One of the passengers on the train that day that lost their lives was a 49 year old man named Charles E. Peck. Over the course of 11 hours after the accident, friends and family of Peck received a total of 35 calls from his cell phone. The calls continued up until one hour before his body was found. In fact, it was the use of his phone’s signal which led to the discovery of his body. Investigators ruled that he had died on impact. When his friends and family answered his calls, they were simply static. Any attempt to call his phone back would go straight to voicemail.


Well, as always, I hope that if anything, I’ve left you with something to think about in the season of spooks. There are indeed a plethora of reports about phantom calls from the dead and I suggest you do a little research if you are interested. There is more ghostly phenomena reported with the ordinary phone. There are a large number of… well… numbers that are reportedly haunted. Just a little teaser on my next post for the month of October. Look for it in the coming week. Fingers crossed that I can get it out. Let me know what you guys and gals think about this topic. Have any of you received a call from the other side? Well that’s it for me Grimericans. As always, stay classy.



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