Tourism Guides war on Loch Ness

The argument started when George Edwards, who runs Loch Ness Cruises in Drumnadrochit, Scotland, criticised fellow members of the local Chamber of Commerce for treating the monster as “a myth”.
Tony Harmsworth, the former boss of the Loch Ness Centre, responded by accused him of “palming his customers off with fake photographs”.
The row is now threatening to split the local business community, 80 years after the first modern-day sighting of the monster put the loch on the map as a tourist destination.
In a letter to the chamber, Mr Edwards, criticised the overly scientific approach taken by the Loch Ness Centre. He says visitors come out of the exhibition feeling disappointed after being told that Nessie is “a myth”.
“Just about every time that Mr Shine appears in the media he talks about big fish and big waves,” Mr Edwards said. “I believe they are doing more harm than good in promoting Loch Ness tourism with their negative theories.

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