Upcoming Work

Upcoming Work

Untitled Project:  Anyone who has ever visited New England, especially during the Fall, knows the feeling of wonder and fascination that electrifies the air.  New England is home to some of the nation’s most haunted and paranormal locations.  From the Hockomock Swamp to the UFO reports at Loring Air Force Base, New England is chock full of the paranormal.  In my upcoming book I will explore some of the most interesting and terrifying stories that New England has to offer.  I will give the reader not only the history of the account, but a “boots to the ground” first hand experience of the location that will include pictures, links to audio, and interviews.

I am still currently collecting stories from in and around the New England area so if anyone would like to share please contact me.  Thank you.

P.S.  This post was part of a college assignment which is why it is a bit out of the ordinary for what I typically post BUT with that said this is a real book that I am working on (slowly but nonetheless working on) and would totally appreciate any feedback or stories you may have.  Thanks again for reading.

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  1. Moira says:

    Jared, I think the book on the paranormal in New England is going to be fascinating. I love that area of the country, and I think because of its rich and long history, there is definitely a lot to explore when the paranormal comes to mind. I think the most intriguing aspect of your upcoming work for me is the first-hand experiences you plan on including. I look forward to reading more about this project.

    1. Jared Grace says:

      Thanks Moira. I appreciate the boost of confidence. Stay posted with my blog if you are interested in what is to come. Have a great day.

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