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After a long hiatus A Paranormal World has finally returned to the Grimerica page.  In my absence I have been keeping busy, not only with things in my personal life such as school and work, but, of course, my exploration into the realm of the unknown.  If you listen to our friend Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast a few months back I appeared as a storyteller recounting a story I had previously spoken about with Darren and Graham on this wonderful podcast.  One last note I’d like to mention before delving into my current research project and thoughts for the evening.  I will be creating a separate blog of my own apart from Grimerica (Don’t worry I still have every intention of blogging here as well, Darren and Graham have been great to me and I love being a part of something such as this) and I am in the early stages of gathering information for the creation of my own podcast.  As this information becomes more readily available I will be sure to let everyone know where else they can find my absent minded, late night ramblings.  Thank you for dealing with my shameless promotion and now on to what has my mind tonight.


Why do children seem to be more apt to encounter ghostly activity?  As many of  you have previously read, I had plenty of my own encounters with ghostly phenomenon as a kid and my daughter (9) has mentioned her own fair share of unexplainable and somewhat creepy encounters with shadow men that have stood over her bed, and one particular ghost who speaks to her from behind the shower curtain at her grandmother’s house.  Hell, my son (4) has even woken his mother up many times at night complaining about the man in the corner that won’t let him sleep.  (This is your father’s department is the typical answer he receives from his mother.  My phone ringing shortly thereafter).  Now sure plenty of people are able to chalk this stuff up to simple childhood imagination or a trick of the light that confuses the child.  I mean, why else do some (not all) people lose touch with their paranormal visions?


Recently my girlfriend began telling me of a situation her nephew has been having at his house.  Now I do not want to get too involved in this story at the moment as I have not gotten permission to use names or locations (and frankly I am in the process of setting up some investigations into this that could lead to many more posts, podcasting stories, and/or a book).  This story however involves multiple witnesses to activity, a multitude of spirits, and someone named “Mikey the cow”.  Interesting right?  Believe it or not, I am typically the first one to dismiss many claims as easily explainable activity.  I may be a believer and I have certainly had my share of events happen to me, but I find that too many people WANT things to happen so much that it sways them to believe things are taking place when it is simply a mundane circumstance.  What is happening down there seems to be something different; and this is what sparked my brain over the last few days.  Why do children SEEM to have more encounters?


The answer most people have for this, and the answer that may be correct, is that children have not had it ingrained in them that this is not suppose to be.  The thought that adults “know” these scenarios are not suppose to be persuades our brains to tell us that nothing is there, when in fact there may well be.  Those moments when the hair on the back of your neck stands on end for no particular reason.  The fleeting glimpse you see of something out of the corner of your eye.  That voice in your head that wakes you up in the middle of the night…..it was just a dream right?  To children, this isn’t abnormal.  Or maybe it is abnormal but they haven’t been told that it CAN’T be.  To a child what they are seeing is perhaps simply something they can’t put into words, and so they personify it to an invisible friend or someone they share their secrets with before bed.


Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, listen to your children and do not dismiss these claims out of hand.  Research or talk to those that may have more knowledge than you about this phenomenon.  In some situations your child’s “Mikey the cow” may lead more spirits to your child.  Or perhaps, “Mikey the cow” is the only thing protecting your child from the other spirits trying to corrupt him.  Or maybe this is nothing more than a child’s imagination.  I promise you this, I will get to the bottom of this in the coming weeks and, in one forum or the other, get the results out.


Just a short post to get back in the swing of things here at A paranormal world.  Thank you for taking the time to check in again and be sure to check back for a deeper and more in depth look at some of my future cases, books, and blogs.  Have a great night everyone.



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