With Clarity, Courage, and Care

The Cypher of the Mind

The universe is. There is no hacking it. It is not a simulation or an illusion. It does not glitch. It cannot be fooled.

All of these shenanigans take place in the mirror, the one we each possess: the blessed mind. Your mind reflects the universe in language, symbol, archetype; and is encoded with the sensations of the body, and the emotions of the heart. The idea is to purge yourself of errors, contradictions, and hypocrisy. If you can do this, you will see the universe as it is. All that is possible will be revealed.

Lying clouds the mind. You cannot fool others without also fooling yourself, because the universe knows the truth, and cannot forget. To keep the information tidy, the universe stores your lies within you. You inevitably end up believing these lies if they are not properly purged with repentance. Likewise, if you maintain clarity, others cannot lie to you. They will only fool themselves.

Your mind is a precision machine. It attracts and repels in predictable ways. If you focus on a thing, you will attract it. If you focus on hate, apathy, selfishness, and fear: you will attract these things. If you focus on the short-comings, idiocy, and the hypocrisy of others, these things will develop in you. Don’t ignore these things when you see them. Notice it, forgive it, move on. But focus your mind elsewhere.

Do you want things? The surest way I know to attract what I want is to give it. Do you want love? Do you want respect? Do you want recognition? Give it to others. By doing so, you will understand that you too deserve these things, and you will begin to see where you already have them. Once you recognize there is no lack, more will come pouring into your life.

It is often said that we are given grace, but it is too rarely mentioned that we receive it with gratitude. The glass may only be half full, but it is a mighty big glass.

Balancing the Mind with Heart and Soul

A note before we begin: the term “soul” refers to the invigorated body. Without the enervating “spirit”, the body is nothing more than food for the worms. Thus, the term “body” is not enough when referring to the living man…

As powerful as the mind may be, it is but one part of the trinity that feeds you insight. There is also the instinct of your heart (played out in emotions), and the subconscious reactions of your soul (radiating primarily from your gut). Both are as important and potent as conscious thought.

Our emotions signal our spiritual health. Love and fear feed our emotions. Love knows abundance and calms us, as fear agitates us and proves scarcity. If our emotions are cruel and vicious, our heart is corrupt. If we suffer empathy and hope, our heart is pure. To suffer a breaking heart leads us to the divine work of God. We are here to bless each other with our gifts and talents. This is our work, our sacrifice, as noted by the cross.

The subconscious is dominated by the will to survive, and hopes for the good life. God made the earth pleasing, and we should take pleasure in its abundance. We are given appetites to make us strong and continue our race.

But we must temper our appetites that they do not control us, just as we must face our fear, and purge ourselves of lies. We are not to live by any one of these alone. Subservience to appetite makes us despondent and isolated. We should beg for immortality though we do nothing good with our long lives. Instead, we become hoarders, filled with insatiable gluttony, and care not that others have so little.

Likewise, work alone hardens the heart. We become empty if we give and give, never to take. Our love dwindles if never replenished, and fear finds us an empty vessel, eager to be filled.

Study alone cannot give us a good life, if we do not also work and play. The mind will see us disconnected and ephemeral. It will see us wanting and never having. We become cold and distant, lost in thought. Everything becomes a mere theory, despite hard proof under our feet.

This is the holy trinity: the sacred balance of mind, heart, and soul. It is our spiral ritual (spiritual) as we continually draw the circles of our world. Our circles do not need to meet the unending perfection of pi, but only the near approximation of three: a clean mind, a willing heart, and a strong body.

The Word of God – The Living Scripture

Each of us writes our own story. We write it with our thoughts, words, and actions, with study, work, and play, with mind, heart, and soul. As the author, each of us has authority over what is written.

Each of us possesses free will. Though we may fool ourselves into believing otherwise, do not think the universe is so easily blinded. Yes, we have specific circumstances that must be addressed. Each of us came into this world somewhere in the middle. But the universe has given us the strengths and talents we need to meet our fates. If we must write our lives, let us write with intention.

There is but one book to know: the one you write. If you do not write it – if you allow others to write it for you – you are already lost. Yet, feel free to quote and borrow from the great minds of history. All has been said and done, and usually with more eloquence than one can muster in the moment. Feel free to borrow, but give credit where credit is due.

Thank you, beloved brothers and sisters. I leave you with a hymn.


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