Yelling at the wind

As an adult in America, I am in a unique spot. I have been on public assistance most of my adult life. I require food and medical to get by. My paychecks don’t even provide me with enough to pay for rent and utilities on time.

And yet, people in my country find it funny to make light or villianize people who need help. We say we’re the country with the biggest heart and possibilities.

Yes, I’ve made finacial mistakes in the past, but I’m paying on the biggest debt. I should get a tax return, but my government has stolen it to pay for student loans. Unfortunatly I didn’t finish college. I stopped after 6 months. I couldn’t do it. But you know, I don’t need an online degree.

What I need is a chance to prove myself and the world that I am worthy of even existing. See, people are unwilling to allow the poor the chance to rise above the poverty level. Our “democracy” is an oligarchy. The highest bidders won. We spend most of our money on hardly the things we can afford. We slave away. We are our khakis. Our country has been taken over by corporations without the cool. Blade Runner is but a simple fantasy.

The reality is much more saddening. We give our children crap to dull them from being children. We have everything at our fingertips. We don’t see the sick, the homeless, The Shattered.


We walk past them at night. We move a bench over from them on the morning bus. We laugh at their attempts to rise above it.

See, I’m 30. I’m the old man yelling at the wind. I’m screaming, actually. About the state of us, how we’re headed, and how we meet nobody else in standards.


In retrospect I understand that we have to bend in the wind sometimes. But I stand tall. I break the wind and yell at it.

We don’t need more technology!”
“Fuck the system. Fix the system!”
“No wonder kids are fucking stupid, the music doesn’t make sense!”

On and on I go in my mind to no one in particular. But these things take hold and don’t let for for days and days.

“We don’t need war! We don’t want war!”

Yet the face of the battlefield is changing. The enemy is us. We are the enemies that take the shots to the chest. Not the people who hold back others. Not the ones who robbed the world. Those people are still on top.

And they will be. They will be till the end of money. And its not the Illuminatti, Masons, or anyone else. See, the more I think about it those people don’t exist. Or if they do, they don’t exert much power. It may be because they are like Rich Dolans secret society members. It may be because they can’t. It may be they just don’t give a fuck.


But, I’m still here yelling in the wind. I’m still here trying to make my way through the world. And if people stop and listen, maybe you can hear me.

And while I yell at the wind, it changes and shifts. Things are progressing for us, for everyone. We are seeing climate changes freak everyone out. We are seeing harmless drugs becoming legal. We are spreading LGBT marriage rights.

Because people are yelling in the wind. Because I yell in the wind. You yell into the wind.

And people hear us and make those changes occur. It’s never overnight but gradually and then the momentum picks up.

So, yell at the wind. See changes occur.


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  1. Dave Dunlop says:

    Good article, interesting perspective.
    Where do we go from here?

  2. disgrazia4 says:

    Good write up. I will read more. Thanks for sharing.

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